Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Iraq

I don't suppose I could have avoided commenting on this.


But I am interested in who exactly is going to be a part of this "delegation".

The Fox "news" piece says that the delegation will consist of "seven to 10 conservative" media people.

Two radio warriors named in the piece were Melanie Morgan and Mark Williams, neither of whom have I ever heard of.

In addition, two "writers" from David Horrorwitless's Frontpagemag will be making the trip. I made a short peruse of the FPM website but didn't see anything on the trip or their association's participation in it.

In any event, the Fox "news" piece goes on to quote from several conservatives who, it seems, don't appear to recognize the irony of what they're saying.

For example, while they claim that the "mainstream media is biased" in their coverage and err by emphasizing the "negative", it turns out that the delegates will have a pretty constricted itinerary while they're there.

They will be broadcasting from U.S Central Command headquarters in Baghdad's Green Zone (search) and will be traveling with the troops daily.


They will be flown from there [Tampa, FL] to Iraq via military transport and will be sleeping in tents inside the secured Green Zone.

So they'll be traveling by "military transport" to Iraq.

If Iraq is doing well, why can't they just take a commercial flight?

So they'll be broadcasting from and sleeping in the Green Zone.

Why can't they broadcast and sleep somewhere else?

If Iraq is doing so well, why can't they just stay at a bed-and-breakfast somewhere?

So they'll be "traveling with the troops".

Why can't they just rent an SUV or a couple of cars and just drive around?

Why couldn't they just pack their own heat and venture off on their own? As right-wingers I imagine they must like and already own an enviable cashe of weaponry.

The dope is, that until people can travel freely in Iraq (even WITHIN the capital city would be nice), than no amount of right-wing propaganda is going to change the fact that conditions in the country are bleak.

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