Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fox News Gets Ready for War with Iran

I was watching some TV over the weekend and happened by the cable "news" coverage of the finding of that girl in Idaho who had been kidnapped in the aftermath of her family's murder several weeks ago. CNN in particular was all over this story, all the time. Natalie Holloway was pushed aside for the moment.

But there was also a fascinating piece of work over on Fox about the new Iranian president's past. I was hoping to find a transcript of the show on their web site but was unsuccessful.

Anyway, the Fox "news" show's guest claimed that the new Iranian president-elect was essentially a murderer and a terrorist with extensive intellegence training and involvement AND further alleged that Iran had knowledge before-hand about 9-11, even if they weren't complicit in the attacks outright (which the guest seemed to believe).

Now, I realize that the suggestion of Iran being involved in 9-11 may not be an entirely new or strange line of thought, but since the "right" was deadset on establishing Iraq as the vital link to 9-11, it's interest in connecting Iran to that day were less useful.

But maybe now that the U.S. military is bogged down in Iraq, and that Iran is reportedly continuing to pursue the means of fully developing its nuclear power, a new enemy for a new war is being sought. In that case, it would appear Fox "news" is planting the propaganda seeds for such an endeavor should the administration want to take us to war against Tehran as well.

Admittedly I don't watch Fox "news" or any other cable "news" programs regularly if at all, so I don't know how prevalent this attitude towards Iran is, but given Fox's devotion to the administration, I am going to assume that it looks less than fondly or objectively at the remaining Axis of Evil members.

But that the network is trading in allegations of this volatile sort, and especially given the fawning attention the Fox "news" host accorded his guest making them, and given the network's support of, and connection to the administration, I wouldn't take its coverage of Iran or any other supposed "enemy of America" lightly.

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