Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's Daniels-mania!!!

The NYT has a front-page item on the former Bush OMB director who helped balloon the nation's debt after Clintonian taxes brought finally brought the budget back into balance in 1999.

The Wash Post relegates coverage of its hero to the Style section, which is more appropriate given the aspect of Daniels' life it's referencing, but unfortunately includes an obligatory mention of Daniels' supposed Fiscal Seriousness:

The governor’s political enemies — those who are eager to box out a promising contender with a reputation for fiscal seriousness, establishment backing and intellectual heft — are taking him at his word.

Fiscal seriousness!!!! Not like the current WH occupant who crashed the economy and exploded the national debt all by himself!

And intellectual heft!! Apparently the Post thinks this is a great trait for a Republican to have, but for the current WH occupant, "intellectual heft" is too "distant", too "Mr. Cool", too "analytical", too "reserved".