Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only so much sympathy for Zorn

I'm not sure I completely follow what Mike Wise is getting at here, regarding the nonsensicle fake field goal the Redskins tried at the end of the first half of last night's beatdown at the hands of the New York football Giants. Maybe that with his play-calling duties stripped, special teams remains one area the coach could exercise his authoritay? I don't know.

As much as Zorn has weathered this season with something approaching dignity and calm, and as much as the catastrophe that has become this season is not all Zorn's fault, I'm only willing to cut Zorn so much slack.

In terms of his (shabby) treatment by management, the fact remains that Zorn interviewed and accepted the offer to become the team's offensive coordinator before a head coach was in place, giving him some indication of what he was walking into. Then of course he agreed to interview for and ultimately accept the head coaching offer knowing that his defensive coordinator and much of the remaining staff had already been assembled for him. So, he willingly entered into a working environment that was, at best, unconventional, and at worst, dysfunctional.

At least with Bruce Allen now at the GM helm, the next coach should feel better about the conditions at Redskins Park.