Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Comcast is the Devil's Spawn

And not just because of their super duper hyper inflation adjusted cable television rates.

No. Adding insult to the injury of their monopoly rates, they've enlisted in the infidel's war on christmas by having their public service announcement say Happy Holidays.

They aren't saying Merry Christmas. Really, they have this whole commercial where the person is saying Happy Holidays and a bunch of other stuff, and never, at all, does the phrase, Merry Christmas come out.

Fortunately, I was able to turn into the super duper conservative christian Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for the real deal. They have a commercial saying Merry Christmas to all the children in the world. Which bothers me. I'm not a children of the world. Don't I deserve a Merry Christmas?

Maybe TBN and the also very very super duper conservative Catholic Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), which occupy channels 81 and 69 of my Howard County Digital Cable Package, respectively, should consider their cable carrier's war on christmas policies before agreeing to allow them to show their programs.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Night QB

Redskins 17
Arizona 13

With the win, the Redskins remain mathematically alive for the playoffs, and oh, wasn't it yet another excruciating game. But in this town, I'll take a win however we get it. Brunell was awful early, three picks in the first half, then the team came out after half time and settled down, running on 10 out of 13 plays and eating up eight minutes of the clock in scoring a touchdown to tie the game, and then miraculously, getting a kick-off return for a touchdown, of all things, after the Cardinals had kicked a go-ahead field goal. I can't remember the last Redskin kick-off or punt return TD. Somebody on the tube said Ladell Betts had one, but not sure what year. The Redskins' offense made the Arizona defense look like the 85 Bears, it's true. But after being down 10-3, and playing as sloppily as they did in the first half, to still come out with a win is enough. The defense did a mostly good job putting pressure on Warner and containing their wide receivers. Sean Taylor had a first quarter intercept and a crucial stop on fourth and two late in the game in the Redskins end of the field.

Dallas is next.

Chiefs 28
Cowboys 31

Bledsoe leads a final go ahead touchdown drive in the final three minutes to put Dallas ahead with only 22 seconds left. But Green passed the Chiefs down to the Dallas 24 with two seconds to go. The field goal attempt sailed wide right, though, and the Cowboys averted the tie and overtime and held onto their one game lead over the Skins. Next week-and all this week-should be a scream as the Cowboys and Redskins prepare to clash. And if the Skins gut out a win, it would be their first sweep of Dallas in, what, 50 years?

Raiders 10
Jets 26

The Raiders, who the Redskins made out to be the John Elway Broncos a few weeks back, have slidden so far since that they benched their quarterback, but still managed to lose to the Brook Bollinger led Jets in NJ. At 4-9, Norv Turner is definitely gone.

Colts 26
Jags 18

Colts led early and often in this one, 26-3 in the fourth quarter, causing CBS to switch to the Browns-Bengals. This made sense and I was glad to see a more competitive game, except, right after the network switched games, the Jags climbed back in it, making the game more of a nail-biter than it first appeared. So the Colts are 13-0 and I'd love to see them go undefeated, but I think they'll lose in Seattle in week 15. Next week they have S.D.

Speaking of which,

Dolphins 23
S.D. 21

I can't figure out the Dolphins, don' t know whether to take them seriously or not. They play wel, and then awful. I bet Nick Saban can't figure them out either. But a bad home loss for S.D. and L.T. to what would have to be considered an inferior team.

Tampa 20
Carolina 10

The Bucs should thank the Redskins for giving them life a few weeks ago. I think if T.B. loses five weeks ago to the Skins, they probably continue their tail spin and end up out of the playoffs. Now, they probably win their division and pose a real threat for the conference championship.

Bears 9
Steelers 21

I thought this would be a good game but it wasn't. The Bus sure did ramble well again. One thing is, the Steelers definitely needed this game, the Bears didn't. I was listening to sports radio earlier in the week and they were prognosticating that if the Bears were down by a touchdown of more against the Steelers (and they were in this game), that we could expect to see Rex Grossman out there soon. But even though the Bears didn't get it going until the end, Grossman never made an appearance.

But you had to like that snowfall. Isn't that what winter football is supposed to be about?

Browns 20
Bengals 23

Much closer game than anyone expected, as the Bengals didn't get the winning points until the final seconds. Charlie Frye started for the Browns. Looks like he's their QB for the future and he's off to a pretty good start, despite the tough loss.

Patriots 35
Bills 7

Ouch. This looked ugly. And it'll probably get worse. Expect a big offseason this year, with the GM and coach probably on the way out.

Rams 13
Vikings 27

How about those Vikings and Brad Johnson. Six wins in a row, after a disasterous on and off field start of the season. Who'd a thought it?

Giants 26
Iggles 23

The Giants escaped from Philadelphia with an OT win. Guess the Eagles felt they needed to make up for that trouncing they got on Monday Night from the--

Seahawks 41
S.F. 3

The 49'ers stay in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes.

Houston 10
Titans 13

Texans had an early lead here, but then I guess they realized a win might cost them Reggie Bush.

Falcons and Saints tomorrow night. Can't imagine I'll have to stay up past midnight for that one. Oh well. Hurry up next week.