Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do Democrats Suffer From Abused Spouse Syndrome?

Glenn Greenwald points out how the so-called liberal media, such as Time magazine, regularly piss all over Democrats while cowering in fear from Republicans:

Regarding the virtual silence from Democrats in the face of media assaults like the one Time launched here, consider this most amazing revelation, from The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz:

In his new memoir "No Excuses," veteran Democratic consultant Robert Shrum says Time columnist Joe Klein doubled as a "sometime adviser," and that the Massachusetts senator "craved his approval."

Klein "would chastise Kerry on the phone when he didn't like a speech, counseling both Kerry and me about what the candidate should say and what our strategy should be," down to the kind of health care plan the senator should propose, Shrum writes.

John Kerry "craved the approval" of Joe Klein. Most Beltway journalists fear conservatives. But those same journalists intimidate, mock and step on Democrats, because they know that Democrats "crave their approval."

Thus, the path of least resistance for media outlets is to do what Joe Klein does -- loyally pass on GOP-fed smears of Democrats, because they know that conservatives will pat them on the head for it, while Congressional Democrats not named "Rush Holt" will remain passive and silent, all in the hope that by doing so, the press will like them more and treat them better next time.

That's why Rep. Holt's aggressive response to Time's falsehoods today was so impressive, and so rare.

And Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog notices Republican Mike Huckabee's unapologetic shout out to religious conservatives in a recent Iowa campaign ad?