Friday, February 03, 2012

Is that the best you've got?

Via Sullivan:

The Romney campaign launches ("What is a one term Obama presidency worth to you?"):

The Obama campaign responds by creating, which is comfortably outraising the Romney camp. Capitalizing on the "not concerned about the very poor" controversy, the DNC shoots out an insta-ad:

Forgive my expressing some sudden giddiness here, but it never hurts to have the opposition tossing up these softballs.

And then there's this:

The Republicans have not picked a presidential nominee yet, but President Barack Obama’s Ohio team opened its Dayton headquarters Thursday night looking ahead to the November election.

The headquarters, at 411 E. Fifth Street in the Historic Oregon District, is the third office the Obama campaign has opened in Ohio. The other offices are in Chillicothe and Shaker Heights near Cleveland.

During the grand opening, first lady Michelle Obama spoke by phone to a room full of volunteers and supporters.
“We’re going to finish what we started,” Obama told the crowd. “We got our work cut out for us. Obama told the audience she was coming to Ohio on Feb. 23. She will be holding a fundraiser at the Westin Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

Republican presidential candidates are also preparing to campaign in Ohio during the next month ahead of the March 6 primary. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has events planned for Akron and Columbus on Feb. 18. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will headline the Cuyahoga County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner on Feb. 16 in Mayfield Heights near Cleveland.

None of the GOP candidates have opened field offices in the Dayton area.

I don't know what it is. But there's just something about seeing Michelle Obama's name followed by Santorum/Romney that brightens my day. Maybe it's because I think Michelle could win this thing by herself.