Friday, July 08, 2005


Uh oh.

The Brits are bringing in the po-lice to investigate yesterday's bombing.

It's been my impression that conservatives don't want this war on terra being thought of as a police type action, with laws and courts and stuff.

Conservatives, as Mr. Rove recently noted, wanna bomb shit. The only way to deal with the terrorists is with the fist.

So I'm sure once the munchkins at LGF and Powerline get a whiff of this there'll be no more "we're all Brits now" talk.

But it does raise the problem of what we're supposed to do in response to this, and perhaps future attacks, since I think we've just about bombed or invaded everybody we can for now. Sullivan says he's anxious for his old native country to "roar". But as Digby asks, "roar" at what? And where? And how?

That's the problem with shock and awe. You really only get one or at most two times to whip it out. Then it becomes expended. And whatever you do next is going to look decidedly wimpy, so pre-911.

I wonder if the project for a new american century and the other moral clarifiers have thought about this. What's next in the till?

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