Thursday, July 07, 2005

But What Will Nancy Say?

If, like me, you've grown sick up and fed with cable tv "news" industry's 24/7 attention to missing white women, missing kids, sex offenders, and Aruba (Greta Van Sustern from Fox "news" has been camped out in Aruba doing her whole show on Natalie Holloway all week) and its refusal or inability to, oh, I don't know, bust their asses and investigate real news, than tonight may be your night.

No, Nancy Grace and Aaron Brown aren't going to morph into real journalists today, but I suspect they may for once have to divert their attention to something out of Bobo America's comfort zone.

Unfortunately, I also suspect that tonight and maybe even the next night's cable "news" coverage will revert back to the immediate post-911 and pre-Iraq invasion days and we'll be bombarded with the usual suspect calls to militantism, nationalism, fear and hate.

Because we don't learn anything.

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