Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What Will McCain Say Tomorrow Night?

Tonight is obviously Cult-Worship night at the GOP convention when the party's beleagured VP choice, whom most of the delegates, let alone most Republicans across America, had never heard of one week ago, comes out to rapturous applause from the party faithful and Christian Dominionists. I wonder if Palin will, like the Pentecostal "Name it, Claim it", prosperity gospel cajoling scam artist preachers Palin appears to know so well, will descend into the mosh pit of Phyllis Shaflies and practice a little laying on of hands to dispel whatever evil spirits might have invaded the souls of the faithful after the Democrats conventioned in Denver.

Anyway, after all of this, what will McCain say tomorrow night? What can he possibly say? Revert to form and trumpet the wide array of threats facing America from the Islamicistics facisictss muslmisiticsts, asserting that he, of POW and twenty five plus years of national government service alone possesses the attributes to confront them, hoping any thoughts of the youngster he picked for the ticket and who spoke the night before is conveniently forgotten? Does he go on a Cultural War rampage, which has never been his strong suit? Does he wax poetic about earmarks, many of which were favored by Palin before she became The One? Does he promise to unleash the fires of hell against Iran, Syria, and Venezuela? Will anyone left breathless from tonight's speech by The One bother staying around to hear from that old wrinkly dude guy?

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Steve M. said...

"Community organizer"! "Community organizer"!

Seriously, I wonder if they've decided that McCain is the guy to play the Ayers card at the convention -- possibly linking it to an acknowledgment of the little-known fact that, during the war Ayers was protesting, McCain was a POW.