Monday, September 01, 2008

Banana Republicans


For the past few months, McCain and his campaign have been launching vicious attacks on Barack Obama -- challenging his patriotism and linking him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Those attacks apparently sucked up all the McCain campaign's time and energy, because, it's obvious no one was thinking about the most important decision McCain would make during the campaign: naming someone to succeed him should the 72 year old McCain, who has had 4 bouts of cancer, die or be incapacitated in office.

Meanwhile, the Republican-friendly Time magazine mozies on up to the 5,000 person town Palin was once Mayor of and says of Palin's 17-year old daughter's pregnancy:

"'s really nobody's business..."

Really? What if the unmarried Bristol wanted to abort? Would it really be "nobody's business" then? Not according to the McCain-Palin tandem and the conservative nanny state party they head.

Oh well, IOKIYAR.

In other news, Palin also appears to be a member in good standing with the Know-Nothing Party, recently revived from its ante-bellum origins.

But fear not. It now appears that the McCain campaign has begun vetting its choice for VP.

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