Monday, September 01, 2008

Ooops Baby

Been away from the Internets for two whole stinking days, and I come back to hear you guys have gotten 17-year old Jamie Lynn Spears preggers out of wedlock. Er, wait. I mean, Bristol Palin, 17-year old dependent daughter of GOP VP pick Palin, is pregnant, which we found out only after rumors began circulating that the VP pick's four month old baby, Trig, is actually Bristol's, not Sarah's. Good grief. And we also know, now, that McCain apparently knew about Bristol's pregnancy before he picked Palin to run with him, but Governor Palin's own spokesperson didn't know as recently as two days ago.

To which Sullivan responds:

Marc files a dispatch on McCain's minimal vetting of Palin. All you can say from this - regardless of what happens with this Desperate Housewives subplot beginning to play out - is that McCain is more incompetent as an executive than Bush.


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