Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin -- Book Burner

I'd be remiss not to mention, among Commander Super General Palin's other fine accomplishments and endeavors, the Wusilli Mayor's shot at getting certain unspecified books burned, er, banned, from her high-school sized town's library while heartlessly canning the librarian (a non-partisan position if there ever was one, yes?) along the way. And have you ever noticed that seemingly every election year Republicans spread some rumor or another about how the Democrat wants to confiscate your Bible, but the only people ever on record as ever having tried or succeeded in confiscating or banning books are conservative, Christianist Republicans, like Palin?

Each day, each moment that goes by, makes me more offended and outraged at McCain's VP selection. It's hard to believe his contempt for America is as deep as this. And I haven't even said anything about Palin and how she hopes all the Polar Bears starve, drown and die. Really. Palin is a flat-out despicable human being.

And yes, I just coughed up my first $1,000 for the Obama/Biden campaign. Congrats, John McCain and Sarah Palin. Mission Accomplished.

Update: Ezra Klein laments:

I may be a political reporter, but I'm only human. It is simply not possible to keep up with quantity of scandals spilling out of Sarah Palin's extremely short political career.

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