Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm With Stupid

As I'm sure everybody knows by now, a Baptist minister in North Carolina told parishioners before the 2004 election that they either needed to vote for President Bush or (1) seek repentance or (2) take their church membership some place else.

Now, beyond the fact that the attempt to wed one's spiritual membership and eternal salvation to one's partisan affiliation and voting behavior is a violation of the freedom of concience, is totally unfounded and stupifyingly dictatorial, it also makes you seem either (a) dumb as a stump, and that you should stick to what you are supposed to be educated and trained to do, or (b) you're fully aware that the Republican Party today as currently constituted is a criminal conspiracy against the personal liberties and economic interests of freedom loving Americans and a threat to the majority of peaceful nations in the world, and that by shamefully trying to manipulate his congregation's blind allegiance to it, is engaging in an act of utmost maliciousness and demagoguery.

Apparently, some of the parishioners, who stuck around that church longer than I would have, have taken the pastor up on his appeal and taken their presence, good sense, tolerance, and tithe money to another church or churches that presumably demonstrate some level of intelligent life.

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