Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Grand Old Party: Screwing People since 1876*

I neglected to mention this before, but I went to my 20th high school reunion this past weekend. Yeah. So you know what that means. My old time chums get to see my bumper stickers reflecting my evolution from spaced out rock and roller to somewhat politically aware and concerned citizen.

One of my old pals, after parking next to my car at a restaurant, jokingly said that she wouldn't be able to park next to me anymore (referencing my bumper stickers).

Remarks like that, even when said in jest and general inoffensiveness, always make me think, even if just for a second, whether or not I'm aligned with the wrong group. Am I a traitor to my religion and families across the good ole US of A because I vote for the candidate and Party that generally supports abortion rights, doesn't want religious worship enforced in the school, blah blah.

Um, on second thought, no.

Remember that bankruptcy bill? Via Atrios, via Ezra Klein, via John Cole, this is a smidget of what majority Republicanism has wrought.

Thought you would like to know. Feel free to take this to your next reunion.

*The modern Republican Party was birthed around 1856 and offered us Abraham Lincoln and General Grant as candidates and presidents from 1860 to 1876. Abe and Grant get a pass in my book. Teddy R was a somewhat positive interlude around the turn of the century, but the Party ultimately gave him the boot for his heretical ways.

UPDATE: via John Cole again, that man of the people--Rush Limbaugh--tells pensioners to go eat cake.

UPDATE II: but, um, the gubmit will pick up the tab, since the pensions are guaranteed through the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp, which will compensate to some degree United's 134,000 people. Doesn't the gubmit suck?


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Bulworth said...

Thank you.

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