Friday, May 13, 2005

Give'em some love (and some cash)

In the six months of this humble blog's existence, I have not made an appeal for cash, for myself or anyone else.

And since I don't have any expenses I don't need any money from my loyal readers.

But for those of you seeking a respectable and worthy recipient of your largesse, I hope you will consider your local, friendly neighborhood progressively independent public radio outlet.

In the Washington, DC area, that station is WPFW 89.3 which carries the Pacifica Network's Democracy Now! radio program with Amy Goodman. For those of you unacquainted with Amy Goodman, she is the author of Exception to the Rulers, an investigative expose of the power elite. She hosts a great radio program at 8 am/6 pm repeat on weekdays, where she plays host to progressive thinkers, activists and journalists from around the world, reporting on the news the murdoch media doesn't want you to know.

WPFW is carrying on a special fundraising drive this week during which your donations will not only help to allow the station to carry on its work, but also give you some goodies in return.

I donated this morning, and will be getting in return, besides a membership with the station, a two dvd disc set containing a documentary on the life of progressive historian Howard Zinn, as well as a supplementary book to his well known A People's History of the United States.

If you live in the Washington area, give Amy Goodman's show a listen (also see the link I have on the right to the Democracy Now! webpage). And if you can, give WPFW a call and donate to the progressive cause.

If you do, I promise you it will make Michael Medved cry.

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alt hippo said...

DemocracyNow! totally rocks.

My only critique is that they only stream in RealPlayer and Microsoft Media formats.