Monday, April 25, 2005

UnHolly Alliance

I've been wonderning about the contradictions in this, too:

...Pastor Rod Parsley hosted two national celebrities of the Christian right for a Central Ohio rally. Professional liberal baiter Ann Coulter -- who's on the cover of this week's Time magazine -- and perennial candidate Alan Keyes came to Parsley's World Harvest Church to help with a flashy launch of the pastor's new book, Silent No More.

Excuse me? Coulter is now a "national celebrity of the Christian right"? I know she's always loved to denounce abortion (in the most graphic, shock-the-bourgeois language possible), but since when is she a woman of God?Morally, it's far from an exact fit.

This is from the Web site of Parsley's Center for Moral Clarity:

Teaching children that their bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit from a young age is key to personal responsibility. Waiting for sex until marriage is a commitment to purity – to being holy vessels God can work through. Children should be taught that they should be holy and consecrated – set apart for a divine purpose – at an early age.

This is Coulter, as portrayed in Time:

"When I first met her," says a fellow conservative, "she was walking around with a black miniskirt and a mink stole, making out with Bob Guccione Jr. in the stairwell." (Coulter dated publisher Guccione, son of the porn mogul, for six months. She says the stairwell story "could be" true, although "I make out in public less often now that I'm publicly recognizable."...)

Here's a Parsley tip for troubled souls:

Have an alcohol problem?

Here's Coulter:

As for living on chardonnay and cigarettes, Coulter says that's "definitely true."


Next, in the chapter entitled "Homosexuality: The Unhappy Gay Agenda," Parsley defines for us "the profile of the new 'political correctness' ... [and] of 'cultural diversity,' 'tolerance,' and 'inclusiveness.'" According to the pastor, those of us in favor of equality will stop at nothing in order to "abolish marriage altogether," instruct all children in homosexual behavior, force "older people' to accept homosexuality, and "expunge a number of passages from [the] Scriptures and rewrite others." The gay agenda is absurd regardless, Parsley reasons, because "gays [are] turning away from the homosexual life and culture in record numbers."


Coulter ... hardly ever misses the drag queens' Halloween parade in Greenwich Village.

Coulter is about as Christian as my office wall. But as someone who's turned into Parsley's cable TV sweating rant a thons on occassion to see what the good pastor is up to, I can say his "ministry" is about 95% politics and 5% water. This is what the fascist right has sunk to and why as a Christian, its initiatives and leaders lack credibility to me.

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tribalecho said...

Hi. Just found you. I've been watching TBN a lot lately and mentioned the Coulter/Parsley thing on a coupla blogs but you're the only one I've found who's aware of his growing influence. Last week, watching his sermon as the audience stood shaking their fists as he yelled, "Dominion, NOW!", was very scary. Also the number of black people in the audience. Everyone wearing t-shirts that said-Born2RAZEHell.