Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bad at Math

I was listening to Randi Rhoads last night on Air America (like radio, only smarter) and one of the obvious points she mentioned about the filibustering of 7, 7 of Bush's nominees (out of some 200+) was that, hey, Republicans have 55 members in the U.S. Senate. This means they only need 5 Democrats--5--to break the filibuster. There are 44 Democrats in the U.S. Senate (and one Independent). We don't think asking you to get 5, that is, one-two-three-four-five, Democrats to cross over is all that much to ask for. If the Republicans and their allies can't get 5, that is f-i-v-e Democrats to cross over and vote for their nominees, than what does that tell you? It tells you your nominee stinks. Pick someone else.

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