Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Too Much Justice For Justice Sunday

According to The Nation, there was only one black clergy member on stage for Justice Sunday.

Bishop Harry Jackson, from Hope Christian Church in College Park, Maryland, was Justice Sunday's only black speaker. Jackson had recently unveiled his "Black Contract With America," a document that highlights wedge issues like gay marriage that would presumably pry black churchgoers away from the Democratic Party. But so far he has been disappointed. "Black churches are too concerned with justice," Jackson lamented in his speech.

Get that? Sunday's event was billed Justice Sunday in protest over Democratic filibustering of 7, yes that's 7, of Bush's farthest right judicial nominees, one of whom wishes to turn the clock back to 1800, but the good bishop is discouraged with his flock because they are too concerned about "justice" to get suckered into bashing gays for Justice Sunday.

So yes, one of the leaders of Justice Sunday thinks his black congregants are too concerned about justice.

I'm too stupified to say anything further.

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