Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Janice Rogers Brown Report

The CarpetBagger has it.

She hates Social Security, the minimum wage, thinks the elderly are cannibals, and along with most conservatives, pants breathlessly for a return to America's Golden Age (1787-1900) when corporate icons were king and the peasants ate cake.

And yesterday, just for good measure, she pulled out the "religious war" card.

Yeah, by all means, let's compromise and allow this female neanderthal lifetime tenure on the court.

Conservatives, ye may not know it, but we are doing this for you own good. Our filibustering is an act of love. We are saving you (and us) from yourselves.


The Rogue Progressive said...

Now, I have a bone to pick here about America's Golden Age. It's really more like 1867-1910, and of course 1981-present when corporate icons were king and peasants ate crap (oh, did you say cake? sorry).

The period 1787-1870, roughly, corporations were state entities created only to provide for the public good. Then Janice Brown types enshrined them with more rights and privilegs than individuals. 1910-1981 of course, we had the Progressives, New Deal, and some decent economic management to ensure a competitive market economy.

Karl Maher said...

Here's a flash for you Bulworth. Janice Rogers Brown -- and since you spelled her name right, I laud you for not cribbing from the MoveOn alert -- will be a circuit court judge, and may sit on the Supreme Court.

Wouldn't you at least like to cast a vote against her after she's been on the bench a while?