Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pelosi Hating Syndrome

Republicans have not responded well to criticism of Dear Leader, labeling any and all non-sycophantic observations as depicting a deranged state of Bush Hatred Syndrome.

But since Democrats captured Congress Republicans are demonstrating their own form of Opponent Hatred Syndrome. Speaker Pelosi's trip to Syria seems to have brought out the worst of it.

Just a few minutes ago I endured the pathetic, wimpering, whining of some prick from Human Events on Paula Zahn's show, bitching about how Pelosi, by virtue of visiting the Middle Eastern country, was "hijacking America's foreign policy". Fortunately, Zahn was giving this hack-refugee from the Republican Noise Machine the business. If Republicans wanted to highlight the degree to which a female politician of the other party gives them the willies they could not have picked a more winning strategery than to highlight Pelosi's trip and screaming like a banshee about it.

The loss of power within one branch of the federal government has not boded well for this administration and its intellegencia-welfare dependents, as its abundant lack of competence and vision is increasingly coming under focus in committee hearing rooms and across teevee screens around the country.

You don't want a female, Democratic Speaker of the House showing up your non-existent foreign policy over seas, than shut up and win an election. Oh yeah, that takes votes, doesn't it. Republican crying about Pelosi and the Democrats "interfering" in foreign policy and military budget decisions is like sucky teams getting pounded on the football field or basketball court howling about their opponents "running up the score."

What a pathetic bunch of losers.

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