Thursday, April 05, 2007

Alternative Reality


Damn, it's amazing how the wingers will just make shit up to keep their own little fake world intact.

In this edition, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rush Limbaugh claim that fired US Attorney Carol Lam was 1) just a law professor with 2) no prosecutorial assistance, 3) appointed by President Clinton, because 4) she was Bill's former campaign manager in Southern California.

The only problem is that 1) Lam was never a law professor, 2) had 15 years of prosecutorial assistance, 3) was appointed by Bush and 4) never worked as a campaign manager.

But what's a little lying if it helps smear someone (even if she is a Republican) who would dare question Dear Leader.


So the Republican Noise Machine in Congress and on radio is now saying that Lam was appointed by Clinton, in addition to the other lies?

TPM has more.

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Steve M. said...

Why is Marshall calling this "a comical lie"? None of this stuff is comical. These guys fight like thugs in an alley -- they'll do anything they think they can get away with. They'd lie brazenly about everything every day if they thought they could crush Democrats that way; the only reason they restrain themselves is that most times they'll get caught in a very public way. (Here it's OK -- the public cares far more about that Sanjaya guy on American Idol than about this, so they know they can lie without shame to the base and only us Internet loony leftists will call bullshit.)