Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Media and "Substantive" Presidential Campaigns

A few days ago, Glenn Greenwald noted--raised an alarm over, to be exact--the rather flimsy, non-chalant references to the policy of arresting American citizens without warrants or without some sort of judicial review by GOP presidential contenders, Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney. About said policy, the former Mayor of NYC said he would "want to use this authority infrequently". Meanwhile, the GOP's newest $23 million dollar man, Mitt Romney, said he'd make up his mind after hearing "the pros and cons from smart lawyers".

That was this past Sunday.

Today is Thursday, and in my copy of the Washington Post today there was an article about Guliani, with picture, highlighting the former Mayor's hope that the president would not have to veto the supplemental military spending bill, as well as his position on abortion. Nada about the "arresting citizens without warrants infrequently" quote. Yesterday there was a swell article, with picture, about the GOP's $20 million man, Romney, with nary a reference to the "wait to hear the pros and cons from smart lawyers" regarding arresting citizens without warrants. But at least the article highlighted that Romney is Mormon.

Today's NYT, meanwhile, went slap-happy with the--you guessed it--fundraising angle of the 2008 campaign, with pictures and graphs and all kinds a neat stuff. But zero about how Guliani wants to only "infrequently" arrest American citizens without warrants or about how Mormon Romney wants to consult with "smart lawyers" before deciding whether he would or would not arrest or favor the arrest of, American citizens without warrants.

To the best of my knowledge, neither of these two major newspapers have even mentioned how the contenders would handle questions about arresting American citizens without warrants.

But the media is, nonetheless, concerned about the perceived lack of substance associated with Barak Obama's campaign.

How long do you think we'll wait before someone in the "liberal media" thinks to search for, much less mention, the presidential wannabees' policy views on the unConstitutional arrests of American citizens?

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Joyful Alternative said...

The serious media wouldn't recognize substance if they tripped over it. And hardly any of them have learned to Google yet.