Monday, November 07, 2005


Yesterday was a great day for my pick selections. I got 9 out of 13. Of the 4 I missed, only the Bengals-Ravens game was way off. I picked SD to cover against the Jets (6.5), KC to cover against the Raiders (4.5), and the Bears to cover against the Saints (3).

Anyway, on the games.

Eagles 10
Skins 17

First win by the Skins over the Eagles in four years, but it shouldn't have been this close. Dallas and Denver have ripped the Phily defense. The Eagles can't run the ball, they don't run the ball, McNabb has been playing with something called a sports hernia, and oh yeah, no TO. And even at that, the Skins needed a couple of McNabb miscues to hold on.

Raiders 23
Chiefs 27

Great call by Vermeil at the end to run it in rather than kick the field goal and go for the tie. But not really a surprising one. The ball was at the one and a half inch line. Yet the CBS announcers were saying "it'll be a'll be a pass...look for a pass". Why?

Giants 24
SF 6

A closer game than anyone expected as the niner's kept it close for most of the game.

Panthers 34
Bucs 14

Carolina looking like the team to beat in the NFC.

Bengals 21
Ravens 6

I expected Baltimore to come out on fire in this game after last Monday night's performance against the Steelers, but they didn't. I thought the Bengals got a really bad officiating call on a pass from Palmer into the endzone that looked like a TD, but was overturned on review. So the outcome could have been even worse.

Steelers 20
Pack 10

The line on this game went from 6 to 3 when the news of Rothlesberger's not playing became known. But the Steelers are a running team, which they did a lot of yesterday. Duce Staley, playing for practically the first time all season, looks to be about as big as The Bus.

Chargers 31
Jets 26

Chargers had a big lead then let it slip away as the Jets put a scare into the them in the final seconds. Vinny was on the bench, Brook Bollinger played and appeared to do very well. LT had four touchdowns (after the ESPN radio crew spent the morning ripping Schottenheimer for not running him more).

Next Week: Skins at Tampa and Ravens at Jaguars. I was more confident of Washington's changes before last night. The Jaguars are probably a lot better than the Ravens, but because they don't score much, this game should be close.

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