Monday, November 07, 2005

I Love It When She's Angry

Amanda from Pandagon layeth the smacketh down on uber-conservative columnist John Leo and "spousal notification". (Leo's comments are in italics).

Can I just one more time point out that I love the way that Townhall columnists always feel the need to modify the word "feminist" and/or use the word "feminist" as a modifier? It's a tacit acceptance that most people don't have women's rights nearly as much as they do, so they have to spook up the word some.

Alito stands accused of patriarchal overreach and making it possible for outraged and abusive husbands to attack their wives. Planned Parenthood called Alito’s vote “callous disregard of battered women.” Karen Pearl, interim president of Planned Parenthood, said much the same thing in a blog, and the criticism spread rapidly on the left. A woman writing in the Philadelphia Daily News said Alito’s vote in the case proved he is “dangerously radical.”

Silly feminists. Don't you know that it's not your job to determine when the patriarchy is overreaching? The patriarchy will tell you when it's overreaching and in this case, it's investigated itself and found itself innocent.

Yet this attack is all wrong on the facts. There was no callous disregard for women. Alito wrote in the 1991 decision that “the plight of any women, no matter how few, who may suffer physical abuse or other harm as a result of this provision is a matter of grave concern.”

Of course, that's not enough to satisfy those greedy bitches on the feminist left. What the hell do you women want? The man said he felt bad for women that he intends to send home to get beat by their husbands for daring to get pregnant--in the old days, they wouldn't have done abused women the favor of pretending to care but just laughed in their faces.

Oh, you want protection against male violence? Well, the patriarchy says that's just too fucking bad.

The law he was scrutinizing had an exception for the danger of abuse by the husband. The law did not require spousal notification if the abortion was a medical emergency, if the father couldn’t be located, if the spouse was not the father, if the pregnancy was caused by sexual assault, or if the woman believed bodily injury would result from telling her husband about the coming abortion.

Luckily, there's no judges sitting on benches that are unsympathetic to a woman's worries about being hurt--oh, I'm sorry. What's that you yipping hysterical feminists are saying? That women's concerns about violence are ignored all the fucking time and often with tragic results?

Well, no matter. A few dead or battered women is the price the patriarchy feels comfortable paying to make sure that men feel within their legal rights to lay claim to their wives' bodies.

The spousal notification provision passed the legislature with major support from both parties and was signed into law by a Democratic governor, Robert Casey.

And according to the rules written by Republicans for everyone else to follow, feminists are not allowed to criticize male dominance if any Democrat ever has supported it.

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