Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kaine, Corzine Win

That Corzine appears to be winning handily in NJ, my home state, isn't surprising. And it appears that Corzine will be appointing acting NJ Governor Codey as his replacement in the U.S. Senate, so basically, in NJ, the Democratic governor and Senator are switching places.

Kaine had been leading, albeit only slightly, in most if not all of the polls leading up to election day. But with most of the polls within the margin of error, I wasn't comfortable he would be able to win a close race. As it turns out, it appears Kaine will win by 5 points. However, at this posting, Republicans are poised to win both the Lt. Gov and Attorney General positions in VA, although the AG race is still within 0.5 percentage points with about 95% of precincts reporting. So although Kaine wins, and with some margin to spare, it looks like he didn't have any coattails.

And it's probably worth saying that both of the big wins for Dems tonight were offices in states that were already Democratic.

Nevertheless, these are sweet victories for Democratics as the 2006 campaign approaches and the Bush Administration continues to reel.

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