Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't Forget C-Span

Although Harry Reid got the attention earlier this week when he shut down the Senate in protest over Republican foot-dragging on the Intelligence Committee's WMD-White House investigation, House Democrats have also been keeping the heat on.

On the night of Rule 21, four House Democrats, Tim Ryan (OH), William Delahunt (MA) and two reps from Florida (Debbie Shultz Wasserman and Kendrick Meek) let it rip. Picking up where Reid left off, the four let loose on Rove, Scooter, Cheney and the cabal's lies and failures. Tim Ryan was the best.

Tonight the same tandem was at it again, this time reading from the Michael Brown's greatest hits email trail.

With the dominance of the right wing media it sometimes feels as if Democrats are nowhere to be seen or heard, and have been intimidated into silence. But at least some aren't afraid and haven't mailed it in.

So when you get a chance, tune into C-Span at night, after hours. And remember to show these reps some love, too. Harry Reid was great this week, but others are helping, too.

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