Monday, October 31, 2005


Skins 0
NYFootball Giants 36

A brutal, brutal loss for the Redskins. A terrible performance. Fortunately I was out running errands and didn't see any of the game. But here's the thing. The rest of the Skins schedule doesn't look too bad. This was destined to be one of the season's worst games. Next week the Skins HOST the Eagles, who were beaten badly in Dallas three weeks ago, and yesterday, at Denver, 49-21, and last week they barely survived on a blocked kick to beat SD (at home). From there, the Skins go to Tampa, which doesn't have a starting quarterback, host Oakland and San Diego, host the Giants, go to Arizona, go to the St. Louis Rams, and wind up the season at the Eagles. These are all winnable games for Washington, as long as the injuries that appear to be piling up don't deplete them too much.

Eagles 21
Broncos 49

Great game if you hate the Eagles (or any other NFC East team). Actually more interesting than the score might reflect. Broncos went ahead 28-0, rushing everything they had at Donovan McNabb and daring the Eagles to run, which they don't do much of. The Eagles came back with 21 straight points and we're threatening to tie the game up before Denver intercepted a pass in the end zone, triggering another Denver run. The Broncos got some big plays from RB Tatum Bell, the most recent of a long list of runners who have done well in Shanahan's offense. Jake the Snake played smart, too. Everyone's talking about Indy in the AFC given their perfect start, but Denver is creeping up, ready and waiting if Indy slips at New England next week.

Vikes 13
Panthers 38

Vikes get pounded again. And oh yeah, Daunte Culpepper is hurt, and might be out the rest of the year.

Dolphins 21
Saints 6

Jim Haslet will no doubt be joining Mike Tice on the coaches unemployment line this offseason.

Cardinals 13
Dallas 34

Dallas can put up some points. If the Skins don't rebound, I look for either the Cowboys or the Giants to win the NFC East.

Baltimore tonight

Ravens are without defensive superstars, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. But they will have either Kyle Boller or Anthony Wright at quarterback. This could be ugly.

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