Friday, October 14, 2005

Please Nominate This Man

The NYTimes today has a piece on Kansas Senator Sam Brownback. The Senator is making an appearance in New Hampshire--an obligatory trip for all prospective presidential candidates. Should he run in 2008, Brownback would no doubt campaign on what has got him here so far--his religion or religions (once an evangelical protestant, he converted to Roman Catholicism a few years ago and on Sundays hits both churches), his new found committment to saturating political and social life with even more religion than it already has or can endure, and ultimately, his apparent thirst to propogate a "culture war":

At the Republican National Convention in 2004 he rallied a closed-door meeting of Christian conservatives with calls for a "cultural war."

The call for a "culture war" was a number one hit for Republicans in 1992. If most of the public is as tired of wars, culture and otherwise, as I suspect they are, a Brownback candidacy would be a most helpful boost to the next Democratic presidential nominee.

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