Tuesday, October 11, 2005

O No

Looks like the Baltimore Orioles are going to keep Sam Perlozzo on as their skipper next year. Perlozzo became the interim manager when the O's let Lee Mazilli go on August 4. But Perlozzo didn't exactly endear himself in the win column.

The O's went 22-32 under Perlozzo, but faired particularly poorly against the Red Sox and the Yankees down the stretch, leading one commentator to wonder if the O's weren't guilty of fraud in not putting up more of a game against the contenders. The Orioles lost nine straight games towards the end of September, and went 12-18 for the month, a record greatly enhanced by the team's final weekend sweep of the Devil Rays.

Sam's a good guy, everybody likes him, but the O's needed to clean house this off-season, and with the exception of letting one of their two general managers go, they don't appear to be doing that.

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