Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback (Special Columbus Day Edition)

Ravens 17
Lions 35

Ravens flagged for 21 penalties and 2 ejections during the game; after the game, additional penalties were handed out for the following infractions: Neon Deon Prime Time Sanders actually on Ravens' roster--and playing--15 yard penalty; Brian Billick once known as "offensive genius"--10 yards; False start, Ravens' bus driver--5 yards.

Redskins 19
Denver 21

Redskins caught looking ahead to 49'ers game in two weeks.

Saints 3
Pack 52

Gee, ya think the Pack was pissed about its 0-4 start, and Favre about rumors of his retirement?

Pats 31
Falcons 28

Michael Vick a last minute scratch and Pats still have to barely hold on against somebody named Matt Mauck.

Bucs 12
Jets 14

Vinnie Testaverde returns and the Jets recover their ground game.

Texas Tech 34
Nebraska 31

Nebraska defense intercepts Texas Tech pass deep in its own end in final seconds to preserve certain victory, BUT THEN forgets to just down the ball, electing instead to RUN with the thing, resulting in a fumble back to Texas Tech and a last second Texas Tech toughdown pass to seal the game.

Braves 6
Roger Clemens 7 (18 innings)

I turned this game off in the ninth inning, Braves ahead 6-5, went out to do yard work, returned three hours later, AND THE GAME WAS STILL ON.

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