Friday, April 15, 2005

Remember When CNN was a Real News Station?

The 10:00 Seinfeld episode showing on UPN channel 24 last night was a greatest hits one, so I flipped to CNN to see what Aaron Brown had to say on NewsNight.

His "news" program was all about military unit 507, the one with Jessica Lynch. It was entitled What Really Happened? Sigh. It was pretty much a puff piece about the glorious military.

Call me crazy but I'd a thought it might be worth covering Tom DeLay's comments about the separation of church and state, or his comments on the right to privacy (he opposes both), or the John Bolton nomination and its intersection with current U.S. military plans regarding Iran and its supposed nuclear ambitions and the nomination of John Negroponte as head intelligence czar (BTW, have you ever seen anyone as self evidently evil as Negroponte?).

Maybe they'll get around to covering Bolton, Negroponte and Iran once the administration finishes cooking the intelligence books on Iran, is saying that "inspections aren't working", and that before we endure a "mushroom cloud", we have to strike Tehran.

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mizerock said...

I've beeing looking back fondly on the day when government represented The People, instead of corporations and the UltraRich. How have I failed as an American to keep America from deteriorating - what could I have done differently to defend the land I love so much? - it weighs me down.

But then "ACH" reminded me that most of US History describes an even more lopsided distribution of wealth. Many rights were explicitly (constitutionally!) denied to all but white male landholders. Trusts ran the govenment, ran our lives, while workers went unrepresented and powerless. And yet the country survived just fine, did it not?

Then there was this brief experiment called "The New Deal", but it's going away now. Rather than fighting vainly to bring that era back, let's look back fondly on the experiment. An aberration, that's all it was, and things are going back to normal now.