Friday, April 15, 2005

Hall of Shame

Steve Soto at The Left Coaster has the sorry list of Democrats who voted for both the repeal of the Paris Hilton Inheritance Tax AND the Leave No Credit Card Company Behind Bill.

As Soto says, I don't care what they want to call themselves, New Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, or Ring Around The Rosy Democrats, legislators that vote in favor of the wealthiest one day, and in favor of bankers the next are Republicans.

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mizerock said...

How else are politicians going to get re-elected, except by raising huge amounts of money? And where else are politicians going to get their money, but THE BANKS? Don't hate the player, hate the game. Suggestions for weaning our elected representatives from the corporate teat welcome but not expected.

What, like I'm not going to vote for Rep. Moran now that he's sided with his biggest donor base, mortgage companies? He knows it, you know it, the America people know it.