Friday, April 15, 2005

Changing the Culture in Washington

TPM has an apt summary of an article in today's NYT highlighting Senate Majority Leader Frist's pandering to the theocratic right, which we now understand will take the form of a Family Research Council-mega church sponsored video conference alleging that by opposing a few of Bush's judicial nominees, Democrats are conducting a war against "people of faith". Dobson, Sheldon, and the usual despotic gang of Bible abusers and faith malpracticers are expected to be on hand to encourage the fatwa.

This on the heels of the publishing this week of Tom DeLay's stated and vigorous opposition to the separation of church and state, judicial review, and the right to privacy.

This on the heels of this week's guilty plea entered by theocratic terrorist (I'm using the conservatives' own loose definition of the word) Eric Rudolph for bombing abortion clinics AND Atlanta's Olympic Park.

This on the heels of last week's conference in Washington in which prominent conservatives called for the impeachment of the Republican appointed Supreme Court.

And this on the heels of last month's pandering to the theocratic right regarding Terri Schiavo and the lust for judicial blood it spawned.

And this on the heels of last year's Gay Marriage Amendment and the eleven anti-gay "marriage" state constitutional amendments it birthed last fall.

For the record, I am a "people of faith" and I don't support Bush, Frist, DeLay or this conference or its organizers or intentions.

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mizerock said...

I'm still digesting the Frontline special on "Karl Rove - The Architect". One recurring theme: attack, attack, attack. Make your opponent defend themselves, keep them from getting their message across. I've seen this strategy disgust the voters before, and I suppose I expect it to show itself to be a Losing Strategy eventually. The Casual Voter (more and more I envy them their blissful ignorance) depends on the MSM to get to the "truth" of the charges, a job for they seem to be poorly designed (at best) or unwilling to take on (if you're feeling paranoid).

I've yet to see a Winning Strategy for these attacks. Suggestions, anyone?

So the Regressive Radicals says that all Democrats hate people of faith. Do you:

1) Try to refute them with words. No, we are a peaceful tribe, tolerant of all viewpoints, thrilled to live in a country where one is free to explore their faith! Whatever branch or sect you belong to, go forth and multiply! [response from America: whatever, you God-hating sodomites]
2) Refute them with direct evidence. I am a Democrat, and I AM a person of faith! [response from America: what you call religion is not my religion; blasphemer! repent!]
3) Ignore them, and trust the people to see the vicious lie for themselves. [response from America: varies]

Well, choice #3 worked to some extent with the recent Right-to-Life incident. But not so much with the Swift Boat book.

How about option #4, hit back with equally vicious attacks of your own? "They endorse the murder of judges!". I'd say it was even better to make stuff up, but their actual quotes are more disgusting than anything I can come up with at the moment. [response from America: not reported by the MSM, so I have no idea at all]

Summary: if the attack appeals to deeply held preconceived ideas, it's gonna work, no rebuttal is possible. You'll just come off sounding defensive and weak. If the attack is poorly aimed, no amount of repeating it ("AARP supports gay marriage and hates our troops!") is going to make the message stick.