Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Catholic Dems Should Say About Abortion

From Stephen Suh at Cogitamus:

First, church doctrine has no place determining this nation's laws and policies. Even aside from the many American citizens who belong to other religions or none at all, there are many Christian denominations which either fully support a woman's right to choose or temper their abortion stance with the realization that no doctrine or policy can account for every situation.

Second, Democrats are neither "pro" nor "anti" anything as an abstraction. Democrats support the right to choose, full stop. Abortions occur in every nation, and have for all of human history, so obviously women have seen the need for them no matter what laws may be in place. As Democrats we not only want a society in which a woman who needs to terminate a pregnancy can do so safely, but a society in which those women who want to bear a(nother) child can actually choose to do that as well. The Republicans who are so affronted by our stance have been busily making it harder for women to choose to carry their pregnancies to term by opposing attempts to expand healthcare, parental leave and other pro-family policies supported by the Democratic party.

Finally, we're tired of Republicans continually spreading the myth of promiscuous women who, after having unprotected sex with multiple partners, run down to the local clinic for a quickie abortion during their lunch break. For some women, abortion is a difficult decision; for others it is simple and clear. But it is never made lightly. The fact that the Republicans cannot make their argument without painting half the population of the United States as either irredeemably stupid or conniving whores just shows how intellectually and morally bankrupt their position is.

There. That's not so difficult, is it?

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