Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton: Mailing It In

Josh and Andrew seemed to like it. I thought the Big Dog was all over the place, issue-wise, pretty stiff rhetorically.

And while it was early enough so that most people probably missed it, please don't ever allow Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Rockefeller near a microphone at a Dem convention ever again. Ever.

I guess Biden finished strong, but his opening moments were just nothing much. Very bland stuff.

A lot of people liked Kerry's speech, too. And while the "candidate McCain--Senator McCain" line was pretty good, Kerry also managed to throw in something about what a threat Iran was being, so I don't know where this takes us except into Republican 100-year-wars land.

I think if Obama loses, and someone besides Hillary throws their hat in the ring for '12, they will probably lose their knee-caps. I'm not saying that in support or opposition to a future Hillary candidancy, I'm just saying. Something's missing at this gig, I don't know what. Genuine specifics, maybe? The biggest threat coming from a McCain presidency in my mind is obviously the courts, but I don't know that that point is being made or will be made. In the absence of that, we have our candidates basically agreeing with McCain and Rove that Iran is a Serious Threat That Must Be Delt With. Not sure what the change is we're supposed to be believing in.

Maybe Obama will woo me back tomorrow night. Here's hoping.

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