Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some People Say...

John Cole:

This race now is no longer a race, but a hostage crisis. Hillary is surrounded, and she can see the super-delegates through the windows of the bank lobby and she knows they are armed to the teeth, wearing their kevlar vests, weapons sighted, aimed, and with the safeties off. In her heart of hearts she knows it is over, but still she keeps the pistol cocked at the head of the party. Maybe, just maybe, something will happen and she can make it to the fueled plane she demanded be taken to the airport and then she can go away to her big payday. She has come this far, she can’t quit now. Miracles happen. But it won’t happen. It never does. Not even in the movies, at least not the good ones. The only thing left to be resolved is how many hostages she kills.


Easily the best analogy I've seen so far. I really can't add anything to this.

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The Rogue Progressive said...

How about adding: Attica! Attica! Attica!