Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing the Victim Card

I couldn't stomach watching this "final" debate, but based on some of the clips from it, I found Hillary's "how come I always get the first question" whine and her "why don't we ask Barack if he needs a pillow" equally strange and unbecoming, childish almost. Much like in the previous debate where she attempted the "xerox" zinger and tried to achieve some lift-off from a much discussed blooper by one of Obama's Texas surrogates, these tactics undermined a lot of her experience/substance argument, and helped cement Obama's basic point about "politics as usual". However mismanaged Clinton's campaign has been by her handlers and financiers, the fact is that if Hillary goes on to lose the nomination, the candidate herself will be the most to blame. She's earned it.

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x's friend. said...

Yep. Her SNL reference also flopped. Why does she make you cringe when she tries this kind of stuff. Well that "cringe" feeling one organically gets when she tries these tactics is why is will and is losing.