Friday, February 29, 2008

Flag Pin Fascists and Confederate "Rebel" Flag

The latest, and rather hillarious, addition in flag pin fascism has gotten me to wondering about how all these super nationalist uber patriots flimflamming about the flag pin choices of our representatives and presidential candidates feel about that other symbol of flagnuttery, the infamous "state's rights", "rebel" Confederate flag? In a normal universe, one might imagine that those most adamant in their demand that political officials sport the American flag pin would also be the most hostile to states or individuals who wave around the flag of the anti-unionist, anti-nationalist, totally unpatriotic, pro-slavery secessionists of yesteryear?

But for many reasons, I highly doubt that this is the case.

I see where the blogger Scarabus has picked up on this, too:

Wearing a lapel pin, putting a flag decal on one’s vehicle, etc. is a complicated issue. Up front, I acknowledge that honest, even sophisticated folks express their nuanced patriotism that way. But, though I hope I’m wrong, I’d bet that the majority of folks “showing the flag” in such a manner are either confused or just haven’t thought it through (like those who have a mutually-exclusive American flag decal on the left side of the rear window, and a Confederate flag on the right side)! You have a right to your own values, folks, but you can’t have it both ways.


Anonymous said...

You bet I am offended that someone would complain of our Confederate Flag flying anywhere we choose to fly it or have the Flag on a license plate. I am a white female Confederate Southern American. Southern by the Grace of GOD!

ATTACKING SYMBOLS is Terrorism in the 21st Century around the world. (and destruction of monuments)

Clearly, the White House is the ultimate symbol. Bin Laden's people are very interested in attacking symbols of the United States government

NoMad MaN: Symbols of government."They were attacking symbols of government." It's clear the terrorists were targetting symbols of power. (A terrorist motivation not often discussed in the ...

An Orange Hall attacked in Portadown (the 2nd such attack in the area in 24 hours... they were attacking symbols of British culture, heritage and identity…

French Symbols Under Attack In Worst-Ever Race Crisis - November 2, 2006 - The New York Sun.Terrorism | Visions of Osama bin Laden |

It has so far concentrated on attacking symbols of the Algerian state and foreign workers. If it exploits links to the large North African diaspora in ...

WHEN YOU ATTACK A SYMBOL you attack everything of value it stands for.

Help stop terrorism of our Southern symbols in the USA, Ask your Senator to Add Confederate Southern American and the Confederate Battle Flag to the hate crime bill.

There were 10 causes of Lincoln's War. Google it.

The War was all about $$$$$ as all wars are! Don't be played for the fool. Teach thyself!

John Remington Graham's "Blood Money - The Civil War and the FEDERAL RESERVE. c2006

Anonymous said...

anyone who would use commie terms like fascist to paint anyone they disagree with is an asshole of staggering proportions. You jerks are the reason the government gets by with showing illegal aliens down middle class Americas throats, most of you live like parasites off the people you hate.

Anonymous said...

The two above posts are obviously fucking stupid.
To the first poster: the Confederate flag is NOT an American symbol, it is the symbol of a foreign nation bent on private property fetishism and tyranny. Slavery is bad, deal with it.

To the second poster: You are just an idiot. Since you didn't make one point in your rant, there really isn't any argument to refute. You know, I didn't think it was possible to live with half a brain but you proved me wrong.

To the author of this blog, disregard their comments as their I.Q. wouldn't match half of their collective shoe sizes.

LOLing at the two losers.