Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mittless Nation

This op-ed from Gail Collins in today's NYT is pretty special:

Other than repeatedly offering to give up any civil liberty the Bush administration felt it might need, Romney never talked all that much about the war on terror as a candidate. He was more interested in denouncing illegal immigration. Until he got to Michigan, where he became Friend of the Workers Mitt. If that primary had gone on any longer, he’d have been picketing with the writers’ union.

John McCain was the happy beneficiary of Romney’s sudden retreat on Thursday, yet he could barely bring himself to mumble something about his former opponent’s “energetic and dedicated campaign” which is a polite way of saying the guy would toss an old lady in front of a tractor-trailer to get what he wanted.

Congrats, Mitt. You didn't win many votes, but you won a degree of contempt that, while difficult to fathom, is nonetheless well-earned.

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