Thursday, January 03, 2008

Caucus Update II

With 50% of precincts reporting, CNN is projecting that the University of Kansas will beat the Virginia Tech Hockie's in this year's Orange Bowl college football extravaganza. At the half, KU 17, VT 7.

Oh yeah, Obama winning Iowa by 7%, Edwards and Clinton tied for second with 30% of the vote. And on the GOP side, Pastor Huckabee trounces Mitt Romney 34% to 25%.

I thought David Gergen on CNN made the poignant, if not already well known, point when he noted that Obama won in a state that is 95% White. Bill Bennett later corrected Gergen in saying the state is actually 97% White.

Younger voters, age 17-24, broke over-whelmingly for Obama, but I look forward to seeing (a) what the distribution of participants was by age and (b) how Obama did among older voters, although he apparently did well enough.

With only five days to go before NH, Obama has an excellent chance of adding more delegates to his column.

With Huckabee trouncing Romney, I wouldn't be surprised to see McCain, and maybe even Thompson, pull even or ahead of Romney in NH. McCain is already tied from the last polls I've seen. With a modest third place finish in Iowa, Thompson might live to fight another day.

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