Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Reason to Just Say No to Fox "News"

Do any of you find it strange that in this day, in this era, of political scandal, an era of big ole messes as far as the eye can see over the last six years, the embarassment and disgrace of Katrina, of an open-ended military and financial commitment Fiasco in Iraq, of the various criminal indictments and convictions that have come out of Washington (Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff), of what we are learning now about Karl Rove's mechanizations to have non-existent voter "fraud" cases prosecuted, to have Democrat politicians targeted for prosecution, of "lost" emails, that in this day and era, amidst all these messes, that Fox "News" would choose to broadcast a special half-hour segment dedicated to the life and crimes of...Sandy Berger?

Do any of you find that the least bit strange?

I do.

Dear Democrats running for Prez: Keep telling Fox "News" to stick it.


Steve M. said...

Oh, but don't you know? The righties think there's a connection between the Sandy Berger incident and the story that the French knew in early 2001 of a bin Laden plot to hijack airplanes -- here are Pammy Atlas and A.J. Strata speculating that what the French are revealing today is what was in the document Berger removed from the Archives (even though news reports point to an entirely different document in the Berger case, from about a year earlier).

Bulworth said...

My psychiatric team has asked that I not read anything by Pammy Atlas.

But it would figure there'd be a French Connection to the Berger case. And I bet the document he tried to pocket contained a definitive statement about Saddam's collusion with Al Qaeda and 911 and where all the Iraq WMD are.