Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Does This Stuff Get Printed?

Several people have already commented on the David Broder column in which he repeats Republican talking points about Democrats and the military. Here is the money paragraph in what is otherwise a rather vanilla "I'm mailin' this in" article:

One of the losers in the weekend oratorical marathon was retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who repeatedly invoked the West Point motto of "Duty, Honor, Country," forgetting that few in this particular audience have much experience with, or sympathy for, the military. The larger disaster was the long harangue of former Alaska senator Mike Gravel, a strident critic of almost everything and promoter of a folly -- a national initiative process -- that not even a deranged blogger could love. Someone has to give him the hook before the real debates begin.

So, "few" in this Democratic crowd have much "experience" with the military? What kind of ass-clown do you have to be to type this and not be struck by the ludicrous irony; I mean how many times do we keep having to go to the well and report the fact that among Democratics in Congress, for starters, a far greater share of them have military "experience" than their Republican colleagues? And, um, how about those brave souls sitting in the WH who have no trouble sending other people's kids off to war but couldn't find time themselves to serve when there was a war going on in their prime-war years, and when there was a draft no less?

Broder used to be a "journalist". In the old days that involved, you know, investigating and stuff about what was going on. Today, all J-school grads have to do is go to Google. Apparently Broder feels himself beyond the need to stoop to such low levels of drudgery.

And then he references someone I've never heard of, Mike Gravel, and his apparently loony idea of a national initiative process, which, as Broder summarizes, is so goofy that not even a "deranged blogger" could love it. WTF?

Meanwhile, I'm sure Broder continues to think that Very Serious people like Joe Lieberman and John McCain are Still Serious and constitute the only people who's ideas are worth offering the public.

Yes, we're deranged alright.

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GeoRip said...

Bulworth Lives! and I think his name is Mike Gravel. the centerpeice of Mike's candidacy is giving citizens a seat at the table of power by quarranteeing each citizen the right to the ballot initiative in every jurisdiction from federal to local. Currently corporate lobbiests have a set at the table in every legislative cycle while we citizens have to content ourselves with protesting in the street over pollicies gone awry and public opinion polls which are being ignored. Every 2,4,or 6 years we can try to work ourselves up into a lather to kick someone out but even that doesn't make much of a difference. Look at all the excitement about the elections and they are already in gridlock up on the Hill. We need to empower the people directly to get around the Republicrat/ Demublican gridlock and actually make some of the serious changes that otherwise will take way too long for them to accomplish....Check out www.gravel08.us