Monday, January 15, 2007

NFL Report Cards

Another weekend of NFL playoff football is over, but let's talk about what I want to talk about: the broadcast crews.

In keeping with apparent NFL tradition, we got Fox's and CBS's "B" crews on Saturday and the "A" teams on Sunday, saving the best for last.

Colts/Ravens, CBS
Broadcast Team: Greg Gumbel, play by play; Dan Dierdorf, color
Grade: C
Greg is a better play by play guy than his NFL Network brother, Bryant, but at one point Peyton Manning is being chased by the Ravens defense (which ought to shut up and play sometime) and on the run throws a pass towards the sideline which Gumbel immediately decrees to be incomplete all the while the national televised audience is watching the ball being caught at the sidelines by a Colts receiver. What a maroon. To his credit, though, Gumbell catches his gaffe and apologizes profusely.

At another point, as Ravens' QB Steve McNair is about to be sacked he throws the ball into the ground. Don't they usually call this "intentional grounding"? No flag is thrown and our CBS crew doesn't make any comment.

Eagles/Saints, FOX
Broadcast Team: Dick Stockton, play by play; Darryl "Moose" Johnston, color; Tony "Goose" Siragusa, sideline reporter
Grade: Stockton/Johnston B
Siragusa A

Stockton and Johnston are serviceable and unremarkable. But the Goose criticizes the Saints for having Drew Brees throw three straight times in route to a three and out while their running game led by Deuce McAllister has just been shredding the Iggles. Why not just run the Deuce says the Goose? Even though McAllister did end up piling up the yards, the Goose was correct and insightful here. The Goose also later pointed out how more successful the Saints and McAllister were running the ball when they were running behind fullback John Carney.

Seahawks/Da Bears, FOX
Broadcast Team: Joe Buck, play by play; Troy Aikman, color
Grade: A
These guys are just money.

Patriots/Chargers, CBS
Broadcast Team: Jim Nantz, play by play; Phil Simms, color
Grade: A-
These guys are just money, too.

Overall Grade: B
Generally good coverage but low babe quotient. Where is Bonnie Bernstein these days? And since this wasn't ESPN, no Rachel Nichols or Suzie Kolber.

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cr3861 said...

Bonnie was covering the NE-SD game for Westwood One; you might've caught a brief glimpse of her at some point.