Thursday, January 11, 2007

Marshall Wittman (ID-CT)

Even with all I know about Holy Joe I still had a hard time believing he penned this silly paean to Bush's escalation plan. I thought it might be someone's idea of a joke, especially since I first noticed it on a Tbogg-link to NRO.

So I went to Holy Joe's website to confirm. And sure enough, it's there, in all its infamous glory.

But this time I noticed the by-line in the top right hand corner--the former BullMoose, the former Christian Coalitionist of the Willing, Marshall Wittman, Holy Joe's new grandpoobah of communication.

Quite naturally, the remarks contained within bare a striking similarity to what the BullMoose used to post on his blog, as well as an op-ed that helped encourage a Democratic primary challenger, Ned Lamont, last year.


I know there are deep differences of opinion about what the President has proposed tonight. In the coming days and weeks, we should undertake respectful debate and deliberation over this new plan.

Why? What would be the purpose of "respectful debate and deliberation"? The deliberation was already done, and it failed to take account of the fact that, as that shrill Tom Shaller reminded us, elections have consequences. And over what are we supposed to engage in "respectful debate"? What's there to debate? And if that 'fatalist' pansy, quitting coward, former Marine John Murtha succeeds in locking up any additional escalation funds, but does it nice and respectful-like, will that be OK with Joe?

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