Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A for Effort

Josh Marshall is reporting that another media outlet, this time the AP, has affixed a "D" to former Rep. Mark Foley's name in the ongoing sex-page-instant-message scandal, mistakingly identifying him as a Democrat. I say "another" in that another noted media outlet pulled the same gag the other night. Fair and balanced, huh? How about trying to be accurate and factual?

But you know what? I'm sure this isn't the first time Fox has affixed the D label to a Republican Congressman accused of, or indicted in, some malfeasance. They did it with Bob Ney, or one of the other many Republicans charged, indicted, convicted or implicated in various crimes over the last year. Will keep looking for the actual clip.

Meanwhile, I was over at the Alt Hippo's pad the other day, and I happened to mention the various, and conflicting stories Republicans and their partisans in their press we're coming up with to either minimize the Foley story or shift the blame for it to Democrats.

But despite my memory of them having done it before, I didn't stop to think of the most obvious ploy: actually labeling Foley a Democrat.

So, in addition to media outlets frequently framing political scandals as "bipartisan" in nature, some are actually taking it a step further and just changing the accused or convicted party member's affiliation.

But as dupeful as most Fox viewers are, it's pretty difficult to change Denny Hastert's party ID, or John Boehner's or Tom Reynolds'.

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