Monday, February 06, 2006

Where's The Party?

Since being caught smooching W at the SOTU address, there's been a lot of attention paid to the approaching primary in Texas's 28th congressional district between real Democrat and former rep Ciro Rodriguez and faux Democrat, current rep, and Bush smoocher, Henry Cuellar.

I have a hard time understanding how this guy, Cuellar, could have even been allowed to file as a Democratic to begin with. He supported Bush in 2000, even went to Wisconsin during the campaign to make his case that a Republican should be elected prez.

Having different voting patterns from national party members I can partially understand. But this is a heavily Hispanic and Democratic district, meaning that conservative votes here shouldn't be needed to hold the seat, so no conservative pandering shouldn't be needed. But most imporantly, if you don't support your party's candidate for president, that sounds like a pretty clear cut case that you shouldn't be allowed to campaign for any offices under your party label.

I hope you'll do as I did and go over to Ciro's webpage and make a donation. Before we can defeat the Republicans who call themselves Republicans and can be plainly seen to be such, we need to defeat any Republicans posing in sheep's clothing, trying to hide in our caucus.

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