Friday, February 10, 2006

Katrina Victims Still Homeless

For all the criticism which they so richly deserve, I don't want to pass over the times where the media, especially cable tv "news" programs, come through. Tonight, on CNN, Anderson Cooper was in New Orleans, documenting the continued hardship of the people there, and the desolateness of much of the community and neighborhoods five months after Katrina struck.

Worst of all are what appear to be continual problems with the availability of housing for New Orleans residents wanting to return, and for those who already have and are gamely trying to get on with their working lives. Apparently there continues to be a vast shortage of available housing and the hundreds if not thousands of trailer units that FEMA has, or were supposed to purchase, that remain sitting idly in trailer parks nearby while Katrina's victims live out of their vehicles or for those still in FEMA supported Hotel/Motel lodging, wait for this and next week's deadlines to come and evict them.

At a time when many of the other networks and cable "news" outlets, MSNBC *cough* Fox *cough* are running with the Entwistle murder case, CNN and Anderson Cooper are attempting to keep the focus on the substantive. Kudos to CNN for staying on the story.

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bayoustjohndavid said...

CNN and Anderson Cooper has been good on this issue, but even they keep repeating the exaggerated $85B aid figure. Not only does it include money for debatably non-aid things like military base repair. It blatantly exaggerates by including $18.5B in contractually obligated flood insurance payments. The longer the administration gets away with inflated claims, the harder it will be to get needed aid. So far only some N.O. bloggers seem to pointing it out.