Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Irony is Killing Me

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but yes, another right-wing moral blowhard, known far and wide for his marriage and family "advice and commentary", waxing politically against gay marriage, and the moral deficiencies of "liberal Democrats" has, um, recently announced his DIVORCE.

From the comments at Speed Gibson:

Hello, this is Irony checking in.

On Los Angeles radio this morning, we have a right wing drug addict who is three times married and divorced; a phone sex pervert; and a moralizing religious Jew who just announced his divorce, who have all built their radio careers in part by weighing in on the moral shortcomings of the Left.

Meanwhile, at the same time, we have a Liberal talk show host who has been succesfully married for over 20 years and by all accounts raised two well adjusted children and is often the subject of derision of same sanctimoniously superior Conservative blowhards. As a fan of Irony, my nether regions are all tingly today!

Thanks for Pandagon for the link.

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