Friday, January 06, 2006

I Believe Them, Don't You?

I'm glad the news media isn't still alive to have to witness this:

(from Atrios):

A senior U.S. intelligence official tells us [CNN] that our colleague Christianne Amanpour has never been targeted by the National Security Agency and nor has any other CNN journalist. The NSA as you know is the eavesdropping intelligence agency - the US government's big ear - and from time to time the offical says wiretaps overseas or other intercepts turn out to include Americans or what they call US persons which includes people who work for us companies and does so inadvertently. But if the NSA finds it has tape and trasncript of such a person by law it is required to be immediately erased, deleted, gotten rid of. US intelligence officials rarely comment on who they may or may not have collected information about, but because of all the web blogosphere attention this was getting today, this senior official was willing to look into it for us, and to be quite clear in his denial -- frankly, I get the impression the NSA is as puzzled by Andrea Mitchell's question, and NBC's decision to put it out on the web, as we were.

You might think that there's more to it than this, that I'm leaving out something, that the "news" folks at CNN's "Situation Room" went on to cast a rather skeptical eye towards this administration "denial". You might think they followed this up with some hard questioning.

But you'd be wrong. I was watching the tube at the time, and this was it. CNN's TV personalities seemed perfectly OK with this "quite clear" denial.

Gives you confidence, doesn't it, that our press is hard at work?

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